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Question Hard Drive Failed Any Hail Marys?

Oct 20, 2019
Bought a toshiba p300 3tb HDD about a year and a half ago. then out of no where my windows would not boot and even when i did get it to boot i couldnt do anything. apps wouldnt start when i requested and when i told the pc to shut down it just ignored my request. Windows in installed on my nvme drive and i used my hdd as mass storage for pics, movies, and games. i finally figured out it was my hdd after i unplugged all drives and plugged them back in 1 by 1 until the problem started. So apps wont load hard drive shows up in device manager and i can see it under file explorer however it only shows its the D: drive and doesnt show storage amount and if i do anything to try to access it in anyway the program im using to access it freezes until i unplugged the hdd again and then the app works like it never had a problem i.e. disk part file explorer disk mngmt even ubuntu terminal with gddrescue. so final question is wtf happend to the drive and is there any hail marys i can do to recover data off of it?

Iv had this very same problem happen to me before with an old ide drive i was trying to get data off of using a usb to ide adapter.
Model number of drive is HDKPC08AMA01 S or part numer HDWD130


Mar 16, 2013
The real 'hail mary' is a backup plan you started before the drive failed. And ALL of them will fail in one way or another.

Possibly trying to clone it to another drive with ddrescue. That will semi intelligently ignore any failed sectors.


You might be able to pint he issue to a faulty or failing HDD but often times a bad PSU can cause an HDD to fail or more recently a corrupt OS can and will be sluggish. If you're someone who has multiple partitions on one physical HDD, then you're also going to see the same sort of failure on an HDD, regardless of the capacity.