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Hard Drive going to die ?Pls help


Dec 12, 2013
Hi, so i have a lenovo y500 and is about to be a year and a half. So i decided to run cristaldiskinfo and by surprise i get this can anyone tell me if my HDD is in danger. Im not really good in storage area. Thanks in advance
if the third line showed a higher number then the set point i would think about replacing the drive. what your seeing is a true but false error with the software. it true because as you use hard drives (smaller drives and laptop because there moved when running). end up with small defects on the platters when the errors happen the drives firmware writes those spots out so your windows or aps wont use them. you cna google hard drive defect list..plist and glist.
for more info. when a drive is made the vendor makes a defects list of all the bad secotors on a drive and makes a plist that the firmware reads and knows where these defects are. the glist is a set size by the vendor so that the drive can have more bad spots and have them written into a new file. when the glist grows to a set size the smart warning will start flagging you when you use drive monitoring software that the errors are more then the vendor has set..an early warning of hard drive heads hitting the platters. depending on the drive and it firmware when the drive writes to the glist or going to is that yellow warning your seeing. some vendors you have to do a fdisk and format to clear the error some need a low level format...not recommended for home user. what you want to do is every six onths or so see if the list is getting bigger or if the drive fails vendor test tools. the only other thing you should do is make a backup of your data. if it small you can use google drive it free. or use an ext hard drive and do a disk clone copy.

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