peter gurnz

Feb 22, 2012
I bought 2 western digital sata 2t drives to instal into my mac tower. the first one I tried to initialize and it failed, bu ti think i named the drive wrong (using spaces). the second I installed and did the same process with a proper one word name for the drive. This one initialized and is workign fine. I cant get the tower to recognize the first drive to re-initialize it. any advise? can I manually reset the drive somehow? or how can I force my 4th bay of my tower to recognize there is a drive there. It doesnt show up in my disk utility, its like my computer doesnt know there is one there....
You may have to wait a while for Mac info - this is mostly a PC forum. Just to be on the safe side, post in a Mac forum too.

My trivial suggestions are to check and re-seat the cables, or try the drive in another system and see if it is dead.