Hard drive isn't being detected

Feb 4, 2019
To start at the beginning:

I got some free hard drives from work (3 SSDs and 2 HDDs to be specific). I got excited and just plugged them all in at once and tried to boot (yes i know the dumbest thing I could have done). My PC would not boot at that point and told me to select a boot drive and restart my computer. I unplugged all of the drives that i just added, leaving my original setup. My computer still would not boot. I ended up reloading windows 7 on a new SSD and booting from there. Then one by one adding drives. I was able to use a sata/power to USB converter to get the data off of my original SSD. No matter what i do though I cannot get the data off of my original HDD. When i hook up the drive via sata and power directly to my motherboard, the drive is not detected. It doesn't show up in the "diskpart" portion of command prompt or in the disk management file that windows provides. The disk does not spin when hooked up and I am not sure how to get my data off of this drive. Any help is appreciated.
If it does not spin up when a known good SATA power connector is connected to it, I'd say your options are quite limited, short of acquiring an identical drive (same firmware and revision number, etc..) and attempting a PCB swap....