Question Hard drive not recognized after moved to a new pc


Jul 15, 2016

I have a serious problem.

I built a new pc for my nephew.

I took out the old hard drive he had on his old pc (It is a Seagate barracuda 1tb) and connected it to the new pc.

The hard drive is not recognized in the bios / windows.

In fact I do not think it is getting any power.

I tried to change sata cables and power cables and nothing happened.

I tried connecting it back to the old pc and it wasn't recognized.

I took it to my own home and connected it to my pc and it is also not recognized.

It is around 3 - 5 Yeats old. There is nothing that would cause it to stop working like that. I just took it out and connected it normally to another motherboard. It didn't make any clicking noise or had any problems.

What can I do?

I have to have access to the files on it, It has files important for the entire family and they cannot lose the files.

Thanks for the help!
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Aug 12, 2019
It could be also a contact issue in the HDD connector.
Try to clean it up with some cloth and contact cleaner or technical alcohol or gently scratch the contacts with a needle (I repeat : gently !).
If the operation is still no success, you could try to find a similar model that have physical problems (it clicks and have bad blocks on it, post a message with a image if someone have one broken, you can try Ebay or Aliexpress for a specific hdd board controller) and recover the motherboard to be installed on your drive. It has only few screws.
Like this if MB is faulty you could recover your data. Sometime MB have fuses and capacitors that can broke, just near the SATA Voltage input, but that's another story, it need some knowledge in electronic and soldering.

Saved me few times :)
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