Feb 4, 2016
I was trying to convert the format of my external 2TB HHD to NFTS from its original FAT32. I had offloaded all my footage from the past year to this drive prior to the conversion. I was doing this conversion using DISKPART so after I could create a backup of my C drive, so I could do a fresh install of Windows 10. In the process, I didn't get a error code, and the process failed. In result, it seems all my data is lost because my original partitions appear as 100% free space in disk utility and Paragon Partition Manager. The command I used was "CONVERT driveletter: /FS:NTFS". All help is greatly appreciated, as this is very mentally frustrating since I really valued the data.

-Sorry for the lack of formality/professionalism (this is really aggravating)

edit: I don't understand how its showing more than 2TB of space.....

edit: I don't understand how its showing more than 2TB of space.....
Are you sure it's not a 3TB drive that didn't have some of its space allocated? 2.72GB is what a 3TB drive should appear as in Windows. What is the drive's model number? Since FAT32 partitions can only go up to 2TB, it's possible that it was a 3TB drive that only had 2TB of its space allocated, and the other 1TB sitting unused.

As for your main problem, you should be careful with what you do, since the data may still be there, and may just be inaccessible due to the file system getting corrupted. I would expect that to be the case if you only ran that convert ntfs command and not some other format command, as that shouldn't overwrite data. You don't want to overwrite data that the OS can't see with any other data that might potentially get written to the drive while it's in this state. Unless the file system can be restored, you may need to recover the data to another drive.

If this happened during the FAT32 to NTFS conversion process, the inaccessible files might be in one format or the other. How long was the process running for before failing, and how much data was on the partition getting converted?

You might try looking at TestDisk to analyze the drive and possibly attempt to restore the file system, though I'm not sure how well it might work for something like this. You might try asking at their forum there as well...