Question Hard Drive PCB

May 27, 2020
Hey everyone,

I’m trying to recovering data off of an old hard drive. I’ve tried every software solution and while some seem to work it took 24hrs to recover 8GB.

I checked online and there seems to be frequent pcb board issues with this particular model. So I removed that and found no burn marks but some mild rusting on the head contacts which I rubbed off with a pencil eraser. And then it kinda stopped working. The drive ran smoothly but didn’t show up on the computer. So I’m fairly certain there’s an issue with the pcb and not the platter itself.

I’ve ordered a replacement pcb from China. Do y’all think there’s anything I can do until that arrives?

Much appreciated
The problem is most likely an internal one, not PCB related. Most of the firmware is stored on the platters rather than the PCB. When a drive develops problems with its heads, it often has trouble reading the firmware area, in which case it doesn't come ready.