Apr 10, 2004
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My computer had a Maxtor 80G drive as the master, and a Maxtor 60G as a slave.
Both drives partitioned three times. Primary drive- C, D, & E. Secondary H, I,
& J.

The slave drive started to grind and slowed the whole system way down. I
managed to get the data off to CD then unhooked it. Maxtor sent a replacement
80G drive under warranty. I installed it as the slave and decided that I wanted
it as the primary drive.

I used Maxtor Maxblast 4 to make 3 partitions and copied the contents of D & E
to the new I & J. I "believe" that for some reason, the H partition was
indicating that it was NOT formatted, but that was a few frustrating days ago.

I tried to image my C with Ghost 9 to J as I have always done, but it always
came up as incomplete because the drive was full. (??) Anyhow, I then used the
copy feature of Ghost 9 to copy C to D. Apparently it formats it in the

I then switched the primary and slave plugs, (both drives jumpered cable select)
and it booted just fine. I ran it for a couple of days but before I
re-formatted my 'old' primary drive, something made me take it out of the
system. That's when I found that my 'new' primary drive would NOT boot. I
hooked the 'old' primary back up and everything works fine.

I thought that I had an MBR problem and ran recovery console to fix. I can
select either 1- C:\Windows or 2- D:\Windows and get the following:

"Caution: computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid master boot
FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if you proceed.
This could cause all partitions on the current hard disk to become inaccessible.
If you are not having problems accessing your drive do not continue." I aborted
that exercise for now.

I also find that if I go to the command prompt from my new boot drive, it
displays - H:\ Documents and settings\Owner>, so something is very wrong.

If anyone can make anything out of this long-winded message and offer some
assistance it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


Apr 7, 2004
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?)

>Re: Hard drive problems- please bare with me

I prefer to keep my clothes on, but thanks for the offer.