Hard Drive Questions


Jan 26, 2009
Hi I am going to be building a gaming computer pretty soon here and I have a question about HD's. I was just wondering if it is worth it to get a velociraptor or SSD to boot and game from or is it just better to get a WD Black Cavier? Is the extra cost worth the performance increase? Will the VR or a SSD give a noticeable increase in performance? Do SSD's have writing problems? I read that over time they get slower is this true?

thank you
If it's a gaming computer, your priorities should go like this:

1. the best video card you can
2. quality PSU that's powerful enough for that video card.
3. the best CPU you can still afford
4. 4 GB of RAM.
5. HDD

For example WD Black Caviar 640GB + HD 4870 would play games way better than Velociraptor+HD 4830, and both combinations cost about $300. WD Black Caviar 640GB + E8500 is also much better than Velociraptor+E5200, and both combinations cost about $270. You get the idea - the Velociraptor (and SSDs) are nice to have but only if you don't have to cut corners on more important parts.

Assuming you have an excellent budget - a Velociraptor or SSD will not improve your average rates much, but they will often help improve the minimum fps and avoid stuttering. It depends on the game.


Dec 13, 2008
Wild Idea Dept: install tons of RAM + RamDisk Plus from www.superspeed.com
and install your game(s) to a ramdisk partition.

P45 chipsets support 16GB of RAM.

RamDisk Plus version 9 can use unmanaged Windows memory with XP x32.

Core i7 memory bandwidth exceeds 25,000 MB/second (25GB/sec)
in triple-channel mode, but this requires DDR3 (more expensive than DDR2).

Wow your friends with superb performance. :)