Nov 11, 2009
My hard drive is reporting errors,so I figure it's time to transfer the stuff I want to keep(my music) to another drive.I am using a 2tb Seagate Barracuda Xt .It's 3/4 of the way full c.)drive.I noticed all kinds of things are not functioning properly.I have 2 other drives I could transfer my files to.The 1st is a Western Digital Caviar Black 2tb,and the other is a Buffalo 2tb External.Not sure the best method to use. I have like 90,000+ songs I don't want to lose. I did have an external hard drive,but it failed so I just bought this Buffalo external,but wanted to get a better opinion of getting the old drive out and new in.The physical part isn't the problem,I've put together many computers,but data transfer and getting things hard drive and Ssd related seem to be my grey area...or should I just erase the junk off the drive(which is most of it) and keep using it?
what i would do is pick up some rails or plastic kit from micro center or new egg to put a 3.5 inch drive in a 5 inch bay. it dose not have to be a plug and play type just one that if you need to replace the back up drive you can. then you can use ghost or drive clone program. but for any of your stuff you dont want to lose right now is to plug in the ext drive and do a drag and copy in windows.


moving files would be a little faster using the sata HD instead of the usb.

then get the newest version of seatools and see if that won't help you track down the problem. there is also tools on Ultimate Boot CD