Question Hard drive stopped being recognized


Dec 25, 2014
I have a 1tb seagate barracuda internal SATA drive in my computer that I am having issues getting to be re- recognized in Windows. Let me explain my situation. A few days ago I went to turn my computer and was greeted with an error stating the BCD file was missing. In my computer the way I have it setup is that Windows is installed on an SSD and I have a 1tb and another 2tb drive for extra storage in my PC. When this message appeared I didn't really care because it was about time to reinstall Windows anyway. I like to do a clean install every year just to freshen things up. Everything went smoothly. Windows installed with no problems on the SSD. Then I noticed the drive wasn't able to be accessed. Then all of a sudden it stopped showing up in disk manager. I have since taken the drive out and hooked it up to a USB to SATA connector. I also have hooked it up to my MacBook pro running Seagate's version of Linux recovery (tiny core) It gave me a whole bunch of I/O errors. The drive seems to be in decent health and sounds good to me (no clicking noises like it would be broken. Only the sound of the motor and the heads moving when being accessed.) It almost seems to me that a sector is corrupt or something. I will try to include a screenshot of the recovery errors. Any help/ insight would be appreciated!! Thanks- Kyle


Do you had more harddrives installed on your computer, and did the other drive appeared normaly in disk manager?

What is the problem you want to solve? To determine if the disk are indeed defect or you have files on that you have no other backup of?