hard drive suggestions!!


Dec 24, 2005
hi there. unfortunately my hard drive WD 200Gb sata 8mb cache has just "resigned". so after loosing 160 gigs of valuable data i am not willing to meet with that onother time. i am thinking of going in a mirror raid but i am not quite sure what hard drives i shall buy. any suggestions?
Is 2x wd 250gb sata 2, 16 cache a good choice?
do they work great in raid mode? i've seen some "raid editions" wd drives but with smaller cache. are there raid editions in that wd model?thanks!!!
"Is 2x wd 250gb sata 2, 16 cache a good choice? "

Those should work just fine....although the 250 GB SATA drives are a bit more expensive, and it seems a shame to have one sort of 'wasted' in a RAID 1, simply for data safety's sake...

Alternative : you could probably find a cheaper 2nd IDE drive for as little as $59 at CompUSA (I got a 250 GB Maxtor there a few weeks ago for that price), and then use Ghost or even WinXP's backup function to just regularly backup the data from thenew, single SATA drive...data is backed up on a 2nd drive, for $100 less...

Either way, good luck