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Hard drive swap


Feb 26, 2007
I am sure this has been asked hundred of times here, I've searched the forum and cannot find exactly what I am looking for.

Custom built system in which is running Win 7, there are 4 hard drives installed, all are SATA 5400 RPM, 250 GB. All drives are recognized by Windows, there is no RAID array installed.
The drive where the O/S is installed is about to fail, and, of course is designated C:
How do I go about moving the O/S from this drive to one of the remaining 3 hard drives?
This may be or may not be a temporary move, I may replace the about to fail drive later.
Can anyone explain this procedure, step by step in NOOB language?

Thanks in advance !



You can also go into system and recovery and make a system image of your OS and then take out the drive with the OS on it and install a fresh copy of windows on another drive then do a restore from the system image that you created.
Inzone's solution is great, one cavet. You should first verify that the files are in "good" shape and that you do not have any bad sectors in the middle of a given file. The image will copy a defective file and you will restore the defective file.

Added a 2nd cavet: once in the control panel, need to click on back up. On the rleft side you will see create backup. Make sure you place the image file on a drive that WILL NOT do the restore to. After image is done you will be prompted to create a bootable repair disk.

From MS:
Answer It's done the same way in Windows 7 as it was in earlier versions of Windows:

1.Open the "Computer" window
2.Right-click on the drive in question
3.Select the "Tools" tab
4.In the Error-checking area, click <Check Now>.

If the drive is failing and you already have corrupted files on the OS drive, it is best to do a re-install of windows and programs.


I was interested in the solution that "tlmck" gave so I went to the site he listed and downloaded the free software and cloned my OS onto another drive and it works great and I an using it right now. I haven't fulluly checked out everything but so far it seems to be working fine. I had two SSD's in raid 0 with the OS on it and cloned the OS to a single SSD.

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