Question Hard Drive Trouble

Jul 13, 2019
I've had a Toshiba hardrive (I believe a Toshiba Canvio 1TB External HDD Advance USB 3.0) for several years now, and had a lot of data on it.

Recently, it stopped working all together. It's not any specific USB port, or a faulty cord, it's the box itself. I've tried it on several different computers as well, still nothing. I can't really comprehend how this happened, given that I had used it a couple days before it stopped functioning, and I don't recall it being dropped or getting wet or anything that might cause this.

There doesn't appear to be any physical damage to the box or the cord port either (pardon my naive naming of things here, I'm not a tech wizard). The only thing I could theorize is that the box got fried or the pins in the cord port somehow got rearranged to where it can't connect.

I guess I'm just asking for a little advice on how to solve this, or at least an explanation. Because I obviously don't want all that data to be gone, and I certainly don't want to repeat the same mistakes again if I have to replace it.
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