Hard drive visible in explorer but no data


Feb 1, 2012

i recently connected my harddisk to a computer that i later figured out was infested with viruses.anw , so when i came home and plugged it to my computer , i saw my harddrive and data , but then they disappeared! that hardrive capacity is still the same , but my data is not showing! please helppp
Umm, your own computer may now be infected with the virus. If this is the case, detach the external drive, fix your computer, and get an expert to recover the data from that drive. If the drive _did_ infect your computer, you really don't want to connect it to anything.

So the first thing to determine is whether or not your computer got infected, in which case the drive is dangerous. If your computer did _not_ get infected, then many people here can recommend good utilities for recovering the data on the harmless but corrupted drive.