Hard Drive Will Not Boot.


May 18, 2012
My 500 Gig Hard drive is not booting. I get as far as the initial start up screen, the one with the display of keys that open BIOS, and then it just sits there. When I try to access BIOS nothing happens. I booted up another hard drive and it's working. Help?

check that the bios is set to achi mode and not ide. also check the sata ports that the drive is on. on most mb you have some that are intel sata ports and sometime some of them are on another chipset controler. if you have the hard drive on the other controler...it might not be able to be a boot drive..also read your owners guild..i read that some mb sata and esata ports are linked. if the esata port is turned on or coonected is hang or not let anything work on a sata port. on that drive that hanging have you tried plugging it on another pc or use a usb to hard drive cable and run the vendors hard drive tools to see if smart data of the drive sayes it healthy.