Jan 11, 2012
Which Company thinks make the best HHD
Western Digital Or SeaGate

I bought a new HHD WD and only lasted 7 months get my warranty.
Then i got a replacement lasted for 13 months
Back in 2005, I had my HHD SeaGate 120GBS IDE { This was my first SEAGATE HHD }
And it still works i use it all the time.
HHD was better back in the day.

What do you think leave your comments.
I had Samsung and lasted 1 year.After that an 250GB WD i don't know what is hapenned with him because i sold my pc , at me it was ok for 2,5 years. The next is WD 640GB AAKS is an amazing hard drive ill have from 3years , is quick, quiet and no bad sectors, and i buyed a similar one ( i think the latest) for 1 year and is amazing good. WD don't make this type of HDD, too bad because are reliable.


Jan 10, 2012
experiance : Segate 500gb 7200Rpm barcuda x2 8mb cache hdd to hdd transfer rate is high 75mb - low 63mb, western digital 500gb 7200rpm 8mb cache to above segate drive i get high 36mb - low 26mb only )win 7 ultimate 32bit system config intel atom 1.6ghz with ht 945chipset 1gb ram only 2 sata2.0 ports in board


Jul 27, 2011
I prefer WD, but use Seagate.

They are both good companies for HDD (literally the only two companies I would consider buying from)

How I look at it.

WD costs more, but has better performance

Seagate is cheaper, but has slightly lower performance.

I have yet to have any issues with my Seagates that I currently have, and never had an issue with the WDs I used to have.

Unfortunately, I think you just got a bad batch of HDDs.......or there is something in your system that's killing them o_O