Hard Drives - Can't win for losin' ...


Dec 31, 2007
Well, it that's time again ... time to RMA.

Turned on the computer this morning, and booted up the slave hard drive with Win2k on it. It got to the desktop, started to load the Startup folder, and hung for about 20 seconds ... during which, I heard the classic grinding noise of a drive about to die. I attempted to access a file, and heard some more grinding.

(The next few minutes I won't bother to describe ... it would just be bl**ped out. I was just a little pissed off, to say the least.)

Rebooted into Win98, tried to access the file again. More grinding.

Next on the agenda, I went to DOS, and used the XCOPY command with 8 different switches to ignore any errors ... and copied what personal files I had on the second partition (on the dying drive) to the primary drive. Then I took the IBM Drive Utility, and checked the media.

Yep ... not only a defective device, but I got an error message I couldn't figure out called 0x77 to go along with the 0x70. It's not even listed in the help menu, so it must be <i>really</i> bad.

From the looks of things, the bad sectors must have popped up in the area that contained the Paging File, because I was able to get to some of my files. And I just beat the drive completely collapsing by a few minutes, because almost immediately afterward ... the Win2k partition showed up as being 11MB ... and empty.

I low-level formatted the drive (had nothing to lose) ... but that didn't correct the bad sectors. And so ... it's RMA time.

I installed the drive, new ... in May. IBM 76.9GB drive, 75GXP series. So I guess I shouldn't have been the least bit surprised, huh?

This is not my year for hardware. I should have been a plumber.


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Jun 26, 2001
ooh, 75GXP. can't wait till I get that grinding noise, this way I can get something w/ better performance. Actually, hope to get the grinding when serial ATA comes out, we have 10K RPM IDE HDD's, and RAID 0 for it all:)

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