Hard Drives from different manufacturer


Mar 1, 2012
Hi All
Apologies if this has already been discussed, I don't seem to find a post related.
I have a server that has an intel raid controller installed and is running Raid 1 for my OS. Raid 5 for my Data and has a hot spare available.
A month after installation, one of the drives failed on the OS Raid and the hot spare took over. Drive was sent to be replaced only to be told that none are available due to the floods in Thailand.
2 weeks later the other drive failed on the OS raid. Panic.
I sent the drive directly to Seagate and they replaced with a refurbished drive.
Today a 3rd drive failed this time on the raid 5 array. Even more panic.
Here is the question. and the supplier says "dont do it"
Can I use a WD drive same capacity and install it into the raid without "breaking" the raid?
My understanding is that it is possible.


Jul 19, 2010
Yes you can use different drives, love to have identical, doesn't always work out in the real world.

Try to get same performance specs at least.

If that many drives are "failing" I would question whether the drives are failing or if the controller is failing. Speaking from personal experience.