Hard drives keep failing


Apr 28, 2012
I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 that I bought in March 2010. In January the hard drive failed so I bought a Toshiba 640gb hard drive to replace it. I installed the new drive and it worked great until March when it wouldn't start. I tried doing a start up repair with no luck. I ended up sending it back and getting a replacement drive. I get the new drive and install it in the beginning of March. Now it is the end of April and the new drive just failed. Again there is no luck repairing the drive. I am about to exchange it for a different drive but I am worried it may fail again. I haven't dropped my laptop but did put in an aftermarket battery right before my first HDD failed. Should I try getting a new Dell battery or did I probably just get some drives from a bad batch. I have read that Toshiba drives have issues.


That is some of the worst computer "luck" I've heard in a long time. :)

While the battery should not kill the HDDs, if it does not hold a charge for a reasonable period of time, I would get a new non-Dell higher amp hour rated battery off Amazon.

Personally, I would take this opportunity to do an upgrade to an SSD. Buy.com has the 256gb M4 on sale for only $220 (less $10 if new customer) that would really make that computer hum. Just use the new HDD in an external housing for a backup drive.