[SOLVED] Hard drives making tapping noises on two separate drives.


Jan 12, 2016
There will be a link to a video of the noise the hard drive makes but here is the story first.

My brother upgraded his PC about a year ago before starting college. He was having some issues with the school wifi or something and gave it to IT to see what the issue was. When he got it back his 5TB Toshiba hard drive began making tapping noises at random intervals. Sometimes programs loaded on that drive would freeze as well but we can't confirm it has any relation. Anyway fast forward to now after he's been ignoring it for a year and I finally convinced him to let me take a look. Until now he didn't know the noise was coming from the drive so we did some testing and found that it indeed was. He also has a 1TB WD drive and 240GB Adata SSD which have never made these noises. We figured it might have been dropped or poorly handled by IT and caused something internal to cause the issue. We went to the store and got him a new 4TB Seagate drive. We plugged in the new drive and no noise. We then copied everything from the old drive to the new one and now this new drive is making the same noise.

If anyone understands what this is and why this is happening I would very much appreciate it.

View: https://youtu.be/LvI5gnb9Jyo

(This video is of the Toshiba drive because it is louder)
You may need to turn the volume up to hear it.