Hard Drives vs Solid State?


Feb 27, 2012
I'm going to be building my first gaming PC around summertime.

I'm on a budget of ~$1800

I already own a laptop for all internet surfing, music, video streaming, anything else. It's just not the best gaming computer, so that's why I want to build this relatively high end system. My question is, since the ONLY thing I will be storing is the OS, games, and any software that needs to go with either of those, do I need more than one hard drive?

I was told by plenty of friends and forums alike that I should get a 60-120GB SSD as a boot drive, and then at least a TB hard drive for storage, but shouldn't I just get one SSD or will that fill up very fast? And if I SHOULD go with the HDD/SSD combo, what do I save where, cause I've read that SSDs are usually used for saving OSs and games because of fast load times, but since that is ALL I will be saving on the computer, should I just get one SSD?

If you need me to list the other components I'm looking at getting,
Case: HAF 932
CPU: i5-2500k (or Ivy Bridge equivalent)
Mobo: Asus P8Z68 Pro (more better IB mobo)
GPU: 2x GTX 560 Ti's SLI (or Kepler/HD 79xx equivalent)
PSU: Corsair 750W 80+ gold
RAM: 8GB (depending on mobo)

Thanks a lot in advance, and thanks once again to this community! You guys are awesome!