Question Hard PC Crash with no error message

Apr 20, 2019
Hi All,

I am getting a bit of a strange error that I cannot for the life of me pinpoint.

I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU and have since hit a couple of snags.

  • Ryzen 2700k
  • MSI x470 Gamer Plus running on 7B79vA7 BIOS
  • EVGA 980TI Superclocked (Tried both stock 980ti speeds and factory overclocked speeds)
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3000mhz kit (using xmp profile, also tried without this enabled)
  • 750w 80 plus gold Seasonic PSU
The main, intended use for this system is content creation also. The issue that I'm getting is with gaming and recording.

If I open up overwatch, apex, The division 2, pretty much any taxing game, with OBS open and recording or streaming, my pc will crash within 1-10 minutes. The crash is almost as if the power plug has been pulled from the wall. I also need to reset the PSU to get the system to boot again. My first thought on this, was the PSU as I was running a 650W PSU, hence the further upgrade, however, I am getting the same issue with both PSU's.

I have also ensured I am running the latest drivers for everything available.

I have tried stress testing both the CPU and GPU, together and independently (Using aida64 and furmark), as well as the RAM and I am not getting any issues. I am also not getting any issues using memtest. Temps are well within limits with the CPU being at 77 degrees peak and GPU at 75 degrees, but I have ran this comfortably for hours with no issues. The issue is only rearing its head when recording gameplay. I am at a complete loss of what to try next.

I do have another motherboard arriving on Monday to replace this one, just to rule that out. However, after that, I am fresh out of idea's.