Question Hard PSU choice

Hi everyone, I need to build a PC it will act as a living room gaming machine (for runing stuff like car and truck simulators, and sometimes games like portal knight style). Sadly in my country is getting harder and harder to find decent PSUs.

PC will have: Core i5 3570 + 2x4GB of RAM (later on I may change to a Ryzen 5 + 2x8GB of RAM) + probably a GTX 1650 or 1650 super (nothing higher than a 1660 super) + 1 SSD, 2 case fans and thats it.

Here are the "best" units I could find today, please help me pick the "better" one:

-Seasonic A12 600watts 80+ White (I couldn't find much info, Im guessing is a cheap seasonic unit)
-Cooler Master MWE V2 600 watts 80+ Bronze (seems decent enough fro what Im going to use it)
-Seasonic Focus GM-550 80+ Gold Semi Modular (been semi modular and since Im going to use a small case its very tempting, but it cost around 80% more than the others, so I could learn to live with the "extra" cables)

Thanks for any input.

PD: before anyone ask I live in Argentina, the economy is one of the worst in the world, I can not use Amazon, Newegg nothing like that.
That Seasonic A12 is a bottom of the barrel quality unit... certified 80+ white only on 230V? Nah, pass.
The CM MWE V2 units are pretty decent indeed... modern LLC resonant DC-DC design.
Finally, the Focus GM is clearly the best unit of the bunch.... if you're going with an mATX case for that build, clearly being semi-modular will help managing the cables.

I'd take the Focus GM personally.