Mar 21, 2009
Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on the boards. Ive been reading all of your posts and lots of reviews from just about every PC hardware site i could find. I've finally decided to build my own system after years of being unhappy with the computers i have owned.

I was thinking of going with an i7 920 but with all of the reviews I've read about the 58x motherboards and their BIOS drivers, I've decided to go with a core2quad. Ive narrowed down my search to 2 mother boards and 2 processors.

For my processor i was thinking of the Q6600 or the Q9550. From what i understand the Q6600 can be overclocked to just about the same speed as the Q9550 can be. I don't want to waste extra money that can be spent on my graphics card(s) if i don't have to. I mainly going to be using the PC for gaming if that makes any difference.

As for the motherboard i was thinking of the GA-EP45-UD3P. Everywhere ive looked i can't find anything bad anyone has said about this board. On the other hand I did not really want to go with an ATI graphics card. I came across the EVGA 750i FTW and 780i FTW boards. They have also gotten decent reviews from various sites and forums ive looked through.

I wouldn't mind using an ATI card if the EVGA cards aren't on par with the Gigabyte board but as of now i wanted to get SLI GTX 260s. Im not on a strict budget but i don't want to go much over $2000 for the system alone excluding a monitor. Any suggestions about the board or cpu would be appreciated. I'm also open to other ideas if you have something better to show me. Thanks in advance.

As far as I know the bios issues have been fixed on those boards with the latest bios updates.


Dec 24, 2008
I would go i7 if I had that much at my disposal. you can afford GTX 285's in SLI on that budget. I'm not sure what bios problems you are referring to, I have none to speak about.