Question Harddrive to ssd clone

Dec 2, 2021
Windows 10 home:
Trying to clone a 1tb toshiba 7200rpm harddrive to a Crutial mx500 1tb drive.
I've been trying with crucial verison of acronis.
First try used a usb to sata on the ssd woth hdd on sata port. got need to restart to finish and if froze in restart. forced it and it didn't boot un surprisingly.
Retry with both drives on sata ports.. getting red x on source drive. it worked, it boots but all programs do not open. Getting bad image errors like crazy and most everything will not open all icons have black squares on them.
Getting pissed I ran sfc and chkdsk, dism on source hdd all good, nothing found.
What can I do to get a perfect clone. All files and programs working and sys booting?
I just don't want to have to install all 400gb of games and programs I have agian
Thank you in advance.


Dec 2, 2021
I'd avoid Acronis.

I'd try Macrium Reflect Free edition; downloaded directly from Macrium

It can do what you want by "cloning" or by "imaging".

They are different processes, but either might work for what you need to do.

If one fails, try the other. Disconnect all unnecessary drives before you begin.

If you choose imaging, you'd likely need to include ALL partitions on the old drive in the image. NOT just C.

You should be able to just use Macrium defaults and make an image in maybe 8 mouse clicks. Store the image on an external. Then restore that image from the external to the new drive. Two steps: make an image, then restore it.

Cloning has only one step, but is maybe a bit less reliable.
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