Hardware breaking down? Freezing Issue

Jun 8, 2018
I installed Windows 10 on my computer about half a year ago and ever since this thing would happen were I would hear this metal thud from my computer and all audio would cut out, videos wouldn't play (ex: Youtube, the Movies & TV app), some games wouldn't work, and my microphone would be unmuted but wouldn't work. Restarting my pc worked but I found another solution, toggling "Spatial sound (Windows Sonic for Headphones)" in the sound settings fixed the issue however if I were in a Discord call my microphone would remain dysfunctional and I would have to restart Discord to hear others. This probably happens once every two hours, maybe more if i'm not playing games oddly enough. I'v updated some of my drivers and tried various things, nothing has worked, I am willing to deal with this issue, but I believe it may be related to a new problem i'm having which is why i'm asking for help here.

Around three weeks ago whenever I would be using Steam it would constantly freeze especially if I clicked on something. In any games now, not just Steam games I now have freezing issues were probably around every ten minutes I freeze for five seconds. I have tried reinstalling Steam however. If I open a file or try to see properties it sometimes it can take quite awhile longer than it used to. Within the last week, whenever I boot up my pc regardless of what i'm doing it sounds like a garbage truck driving. Normally my computer can get loud but not when i'm just browsing the Internet. While writing this CPU usage is at 3%, GPU at 0% and it still sounds like this. My computer is really dusty but I doubt its gotten worse since i'v moved its positioning and no longer live in a carpet floor house. I believe i'v had other issues that I can't recall but i'm afraid that this is going to get worse, if someone can give me some advice if this is hardware issue, or something with drivers that would be nice.


CPU: i7-950 3.07GHz
RAM: 12 GB
Motherboard: Sabertooth 58x
GPU: EVGA 1070 Superclocked
Headphones: HyperX revolver s

I'm really hoping this is a cpu issue or driver issue because i'v been planning to upgrade my CPU, Motherboard, and RAM.


Aug 1, 2017
Fastest check is to use LIVE pendrive with linux. Boot, scroll internet a bit. Any freeze will indicate hardware problem. Temperature can be an issue. It even might wait doing nothing untill it can safely work.
PS. 5 min with compressed air will save you a lot of problems...


Jan 25, 2018
Probably worth running some HDD diagnostics too since you broadly describe a gradual decline in performance over time with random issues occurring along the way and now strange noises when idle. Seagate SeaTools for example will tell you if your hard drive is giving up.
Jun 8, 2018
I dedusted my pc,checked the temperature (50 for cpu, 40 for gpu), I used Seagate to run the multiple test on my hardrive and ssd and everything was ok. Got to say my pc sounds a bit better after dedusting.