Question Hardware Change then upgrade to Pro

Feb 20, 2019
I recently upgraded the CPU, mobo and gpu in my system and my Windows 10 Home (OEM) was deactivated. I have tried using the troubleshooter and the license was linked to my Microsoft account.

After much faffing about I gave up and decided to buy another license, and this time I bought Windows 10 Pro (OEM)

On my previous PC I had installed Windows 10 Home without activating it and then used this upgrade key:
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To upgrade it to Pro and then I used my legit Pro key and it worked.

Back to my current PC,
I tried the same method on it and it says 'Unable to upgrade your edition' with the error code 0x803fa607.
I really don't want to have to reinstall Windows and all my apps.

If I put back my old hardware, would Windows activate again and would I be able to use that upgrade key for Windows 10 Pro (OEM), put in my new hardware and then activate Windows with my new product key?

Thanks in advance.
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