Question Hardware, or software glitch? Need advice on Acer SF314-56g laptop I've just bought.

Jun 26, 2019
This is quite long, so thanks for anyone who makes it through and gives an opinion (just read the bold for the basic idea)

I bought a 2nd hand laptop (Acer SF-314-56G) from a very respected Thai forum (most users have been on for 10 years+). According to the guy, it had only been turned on once, boss didn't like it, so selling it to get another. Was bought in June and has 2 year warranty left on through manufacturer.

Received the laptop. In pristine prime beautiful condition. Absolutely no marks nothing.

First two startups were fine. Then went to grocery store and came back half hour later. Fired it up and it took foreeeever to boot. When finally into Windows apps took foreeeever to run. Mouse would get stuck. Windows Start took forever to open. Etc... Seemed extremely jammed up. Nothing precipitated it. No errors or anything. I'd shut down normally before going to grocery.

I restarted it many times. And sometimes would take so long I had to power down and power up again.

Once or twice in 3 hours of restarts it would be fine. Seemed like IF it actually booted fine, it was fine, (something with Startup or BIOS?) but then reset again and back to super slow mode. Finally said screw this, it's going back. Packed it up.

Then decided, okay, give it one more go. And since then it's been fine. Have restarted many times and now still fine. Ran Cinebench R15 a bunch of times. And now running Prime95 Torture mode for an hour without any errors.

During the couple hours of problems I'd tried resetting BIOS to no avail. There's extremely limited BIOS options. Nothing there that would make a difference.

The issue with returning it (not 100% sure will accept a return, but likely will given the nature of respect on the forum) is that likely when he gets it back it will be fine and never have the problem so he'll think I'm some crap foreigner or that I'm playing some game with him. It's also otherwise a great deal ($420 total for i5-8265u +1080P IPS+ MX250 + 8GB + 1TB w/Optane+Backlit keyboard+Beautiful machine) and has the two year warranty on it. But as great as a deal as it is, I don't want to be back and forth to Acer service center...

I'm linking here to some videos I took of "evidence" of the issue in case I decide to return it. It's Google Album. Please let me know what you think.

Videos of issue:

Would greatly appreciate any opinions on whether this was a hardware issue or just some weird glitch. I did notice, when it had the problem, some info would flash quickly on the left corner when booting (like the kind of quick system self-check when starting. happened so quick couldn't see the list, but from what i saw seemed fine, just continued on into boot). The times when it boots normally and runs fine, that info doesn't show. Not sure if it means anything or not.