Hardware Set-up Question


Mar 20, 2012
Hi All,

I was hoping for some advice. I am in the process of setting up a new computer that I will be running Ubunutu 11.10 on. My question relates to hard-dsik set-up.

I've got an Intel DH67GD motherboard with an i3 processor. I've also got 3 x 1TB hdd's and 2 x 500gb hdd's. What is the best configuration for this?

Originally I was thinking having the 3x 1TB hdd set-up in a Raid 5 configuration with the 2x 500gb drives as Raid 1. This would give me a total of around 2.3TB of storage and cover for drive failures. I was also thinking of having the 2x 500gb drives not is a raid set-up and using them for data I'm not too worried about.

Unfortunately my MB only has 4 SATA ports and one eSATA port. Am I correct in thinking that I can't install 5 hdd's without a separate SATA controller card?