Hardwiring my desktops seemingly disrupts my internet connection?


Dec 26, 2013
So basically I've exhausted all options and can't seem to find a similar problem anywhere no matter how hard I look, so I figured I would post my own in hopes that someone can help me out. I am currently on a laptop on the WiFi network in my parents house where the problem is taking place.

I'm a college student who every so often returns home to my parents house for various reasons. Recently I built a custom desktop and the past two times have brought it home. The specs are seemingly irrelevant at this point because the problem persisted on both mine and my brothers desktop computers. If I need to provide some of that info I can in a reply. Anyways back to the problem:

I at first plugged my computer into my old bedroom which still has internet access in the ethernet jack. For a few days I struggled to maintain a connection, and when I couldn't connect I almost always disrupted the internet throughout the house completely. There are 3 devices that frequently use internet- the kitchen PC my parents use (windows XP), my brothers PC in the upstairs hallway directly next to the modem/router, and then my PC in my room about 20 feet from the modem/router. The weirdest part of the problem is randomly - and I stress randomly - I can maintain a connection. For example two days ago I installed Far Cry 3 from UPlay and was playing numerous online video games as well as live streaming. However, what usually happens is after power cycling the modem/router I have a connection for about 10 seconds in which I connect to Skype and Spotify upon booting up, but within moments it will disappear and leave me with the ! yellow warning sign over my internet connection. I have literally tried everything from ensuring that the IPs never conflict (I would make sure I was the only one connected to the internet), /release and /renew, unchecking IPv6, checking proxy settings, checked all the drivers for my Network Adapter (which says is functioning properly and is up to date. I then decided to move my computer outside and bypass the wall jack (assuming it could be a wiring issue) and went right into a port on the router - no change. Briefly worked for a few hours but then became intermittent again even disrupting the internet downstairs. So I then bypassed the router and tried directly connecting to the modem only to find an "Unidentified Network". So then I decided to say screw my computer (although it being brand new!) and started using my brothers computer which coincidentally has a wireless adapter card (mine does not because I have no problems at my house at college). When using WiFi, there is 0 downtime for our network, and seemingly no problems at all. But when I took the WiFi adapter card out and put it in my computer and tried to hardwire his computer into the router/modem, the SAME problem happened and his computer then disconnected from the internet to get the dreaded (!) over the connection. I went downstairs fired up the kitchen PC and voila, no internet. So we put the card back in to his computer and voila again, its back up across the board.

I'd really appreciate any help here. I'll be home frequently over the next 5 or so weeks because of a break in between semesters, and would really like to utilize my computer. So let me know if you need the specs from both mine and my brothers PCs (both use Win7 home/pro) or if you need any ipconfig data or something to help you guys pinpoint the problem. Right now I have an $1100 rig collecting dust in my bedroom.

Thanks and good luck with this problem because I literally have had 0 help from my ISP, Microsoft, and Geek Squad.


Nov 19, 2013
try manually setting the IP on your network adapter.
make sure the computer name isnt the same as any other computer.
access your router, find the DHCP pool. ping an IP that isnt being used
and set that manually to the adapter.