Has Acer gotten any better since it first came out?


Jul 12, 2012
Looking to get a laptop that has all the specs I want. But I know a lot of people scoff at Acer brand products. Has anyone who recently got one, still happy with their product?
I don't own from but from reviews they tend to offer amazing specs for the price but have cheap cases and screens (and mediocre battery life). With laptops its a case of deciding where you want to spend the money on the components or the screen and case/built quality.



I've had two acer laptops, my first one back around 2006 and it lasted for about 4 years, the way tech advanced back then was quite alot, then i brought myself one in 2008, family hogged the otherone :heink: and im using that one now, it might be old but runs really well like when i first brought it, so i'd say they are a good make on my watch. And i wouldn't mind another one in a few years time.