Has anyone gone back from LED to CCFL monitor?


Dec 27, 2010
I've had CCFL LCD monitors for 8-10 years at home and at work. Recently decided to upgrade my home monitors (two 1280x1024 19") to 2x 23" 1920x1080.

I purchased two Dell U2312HM LED monitors (»accessories.us.dell.com/sna/prod···320-2807) and I just can't seem to get used to them.

I can't pinpoint what's wrong exactly but I seem to get an eyestrain while with my old monitors at home (Eizo L 788 + Dell 1905 FP, 4x3 screen 1280x1024) I never did. Never got any eyestrain at work either even though I stare at the monitor whole day long (2x 20" wide-screen Viewsonic VG2030WM 1680x1050). I am not wearing glasses and never needed them.

New monitors came set at 75% for brightness and contrast. While it seemed great at first, especially for movie clips, I quickly noticed that anything with white background (Internet browser, Visual Studio, text editor) is just too bright. At this time I settled on 50% brightness, 75% contrast but something still seems off. It's as if the spectrum of LED light is different (which probably is the case).

To compare I plugged in my old Eizo monitor again and immediately noticed that a) it has strong yellow tint b) even at 100% brightness it is much darker than new monitor at, say, 50%. Note that I ran my old monitor at about 67% brightness.

Another possible factor is that new monitors are IPS and old ones are not (I think). But I don't think IPS could be a bad thing.

Has anyone else had problems adjusting to LED-backlit monitors? Did you go back to CCFL? I am now considering getting HP ZR24W (24" CCFL) monitor to compare with Dell.