Has anyone heard of a brand called ASPIRE PLZ HELP IF U HAVE


Nov 15, 2005
I am currently in the market for a new power supply. THe system its going to power is this.

Asus SLI premium mobo
AMD 64 3700+
XFX 7800 gt 256 graphic card. Will run a second card later on.
Seagate 160 gig hd.
Corsair xms 2 gig 3200, pc 4000.(Or OZ same stat)
Maxtor 80 gig hd.
SOund blaster audigy 2
3 case fans, 2 led lights, plus a cpu cooler of some sort(dont know what is a good choice).
1 cd drive
1dvdrw drive.
2 usb produts ( mouse+keyboard, and headphones).

I found this one on new egg for a good price. Im not familiar with the brand called aspire but the powersupplys modding effect will look perfect in my case. Im guessing i need at least 500 watts if not more for 50-80 dollars.

heres the link on the ASPIRE

Does it look like a good deal?


May 1, 2004
I owned an Aspire a while ago and it performed quite well. I think it should be fine. They have been making PSUs for a while now. THG did a review of them a while back and they passed the test but lost most of its efficiency when put under full load. If you want a PSU that is more stable but still has a decent price, go with the Sunbeam NUUO 550W PSU. It's sli-ready, NVidia approved, VERY stable and fairly cheap.


No way would I consider any PSU but one of the higher end ones for a rig as tight as that one you have.

I do not have any review or specific knowledge of Aspire, but under $60 for a quality 500 watt PSU if not steeply discounted classes it in my book as inferior.

A good classed PSU should run around $100 with a bargain being priced just under that. Like Antec's NeoPower 480 or the TruePower 550 if you want good quality but wish to save some cash not buying top of the line.

Seasonic, Enermax, Silverstone or OCZ Powerstream being other good to better alternatives costing more.

I would protect my premium top end PC components with just a few more bucks than $60 on the powersupply, is all I am saying, but you might get lucky if that is the one you must have.


Feb 5, 2002
i built about 25 pcs in an aspire case with like a 350w psu (all it needed) and the cases are still running mint. been about 7 months now.

if anything just get the case and get another psu.


Nov 29, 2005
Something to be aware of when dealing with ASUS motherboards and power supplies.

Enermax and ASUS have incompatability issues. If you're hitting an issue between an ASUS A8N-SLi Premium board you will see the power led on your motherboard flashing at a high speed and you might hear a very soft clicking sound at the same speed.

I fought with this for more than a month on one of my pc's until just finally calling both manufacturers' engineers and learning that they've had these issues for quite a while and neither has a complete solution. I use an antec powersupply now and it works just fine :)

Just a heads up.


Now that's wierd. I've got an Enermax 485 watt PSU with that exact board (Asus A8N SLI Premium) and it's been working just fine.

What Enermax PSU were you using?



Dec 3, 2005
Hola, was just curious if you ever bought and tried that Aspire PSU you were considering. Im going thru what you did last month, im considering the same PSU, but dont know much about it. Reading thru the forums here, all ive seen is people say nothing specific but always say to get different ones FSP or Enermax, even if it came bundled with Aspire case. I was considering Thermaltake at 480w but started looking again for 500w and saw this very pretty Aspire. Im very curious as to what you ended up with.


Dec 15, 2005
Hi, i just bought the 500watt 50dollar one, the blue with the green sleeves, and im not sure if i like it yet. Im getting artifacts in my games, im sure if its related but its pissing me off. Other than that it seems fine.