Has anyone heard of Buffalo Firestix ram?


Dec 4, 2006
Greetings a friend of mine picked up this memory and I have never heard of it. Is anyone here using it? Is it any good?



Jan 15, 2007
People used to buy them because they contained micron's d9gmh ICs which are great for overclocking. However, the newest stock uses elpida and not the d9gmh and thus not recommended unless you find stick(s) from the older manufacturing date. Possibly, newegg still has some of the old stock still for sale. It's a fairly huge gamble at 245 USDs for the 2x1gb ddr800 but I'm fairly convinced that the stock at Newegg are still d9gmhs - recent purchases from last week were reported as such but who knows how long that will last or if that already ran dry?

If you are wondering about the support and what not, Buffalo Tech doesn't seem to have the one on one presence of OCZ and Corsair (and other big names that really try to reach the customer through forums and the like.) I've never personally dealt with Buffalo tech but have encountered their routers which were working correctly and thus I don't know about their RMA status either which is rather important; at least more important to me than getting d9gmh's on the cheap. In short, if it's micron d9gmhs under that heatsink (which I recommend that your friend doesn't take it off in case (s)he damages the ddr2), then yeah, it's great outside of the few posts surmising that Buffalo uses the lower end d9gmhs (which may not be as great.) If it's Elpida, then it's nothing to write home about but it should work fine.