Has anyone here ever RMAd a card to Ati?


And if so, how were they? Easy to deal with? Did you have to mail them a copy of your reciept?

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Check with the Rage3D forum.

I think there's even a FAQ about RMA'ing your card to ATI.

And IIRC yes a receipt is a 'recommended' item. If you have a registered product you may not need one though.

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Mar 27, 2001
I have and I have mixed results from doing it. First off, they were a royal pain to get an RMA number with through email. I would've called but they charge for their phone calls so I opted to use email. After finally getting a RMA number, they did their stuff and got it back to me fast. But onthe down side, I had put ram sinks on my R9500 Pro so they refused to touch my card. So basically, I bought a $200 video card to use for a year. No matter what I tried, they refused to do anything about my card because I put ramsinks on it. If you made any sort of modifications to the card(ram sinks, flashing the bios, etc) you're outta luck. If you've done nothing to the board you should be good to go. Best of luck to you.


Nov 27, 2003
I have as well with my 9700 took a very very long time to get it back let alone get a RMA # issued. I waited near 3 months when everything was said and done and heres the kicker they sent it back and said nope there is no problem with the card. So I sold it to a local comp shop. got one huded fidy for it pretty good considering I paid near 600 for it...


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May 26, 2003
The only time you have to mail/fax a POP is when the items manufacture date is past 3 years. Otherwise they dont care. There was a time I could get an advanced exchange from them but they wont do that anymore so that increased the timeline of no AGP a bit.

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