Question Has anyone played "City of Heroes" or "City of Villains" and what game new/out now is the closest to them in gameplay ?


Sep 20, 2008
this is an important question for me. i kinda have a learning disbility and sadly kinda suck at most games however this paticuler game city of heroes, i was probably one of the best players in that game, i ran all the farm everyone always wanted to team for drops or xp leveling because i was very very good. iv played many games and seem to be beloppw average in most so i wish thwere was a game similiar to city of heroes city of villians because i play games but tend top suck and would be nice to play a game im really good at for a change.

if you havnt played city of heroes please dont reply this question is only for people who have logged many hours in coh (city of heroes) cov city of villians and have played other games to compare it to. its an old game now, but id like to find a modern replacment