Question Has anyone used Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM as a regular case fan?


May 20, 2019
This one. It's supposedly for servers and industrial situations but I was just thinking that one of these as the middle intake fan would seriously cool my pc down. The only downside from what I've read is that it's noisy, which is why I'm asking - is it too noisy or just as noisy as a sloppy fan? Jet airplane or neighbor leaf-blowing?
There's no point in using this as a case fan on a home computer for several reasons. First these are designed to operate at higher speeds meaning way more noise. The are also static pressure fans meant to move air in confined environments and not really a PC case fan. Finally they are double what a traditional high airflow case fan is with no benefit. Just buy a good case fan.
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H-E-double hockey sticks no. They are completely wasted on 'normal' users. If the user doesn't run them at least 2000rpm regularly, they're just wasting money.
They don't perform any better than the NF-F12, NF-A14, and NF-A12x25 at their respective max speeds - that's why I said AT LEAST 2000rpm.
Just changing one fan? That won't do anything.

I played around with 'em for a little over a year, which is pretty much how long I could tolerate them...

Also, there's other downside to these fans: IF thermals exceed 70-80C[This value depends on the motherboard, I think.], your fan curve is IGNORED and the fans will run full bore at 3000rpm...
You can't just replace 1 fan either - ALL fans, including the cpu cooler.

TL;DR: If you don't replace all possible fans with them and run them 2000rpm or more regularly, you'd just waste money.
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