Has my comp bit the bullet?


Dec 29, 2008
ok one of my friend is having a problem with his computer. hes is computer illiterate and i am pretty good with them so i figured id do the research for him. Anyways the problem is that during an update his computer hung for 2 hours at same spot so he shut it down manually. When he tried to turn it on next time nothing can be done...A menu pops up with 3 choices : Return to earlier version of windows (he had xp on it before), Windows vista start up ( he tried and it just goes black and doesnt do anything) and lastly windows vista repair (which i tried to use and once again the computer just goes black after loading but is on). He also tried putting in the Vista disc and it will load but when selecting an option is once again goes black and will not return. However i did manage to get into the BIOS but didnt no what to do so i shut it down. btw its 34 bit vista. Any help is greatly appreciated!!