Has my onboard network card broken down or could it be a virus?


Mar 22, 2009
Hey guys, hope this is the right place.

I was on the phone when my computer suddenly restarted itself as if I had gone start>turnoff>restart and came back to windows again. Suddenly I had no internet, I ran Avast! and SuperAntiSpyware to check whether it was a virus but only SuperAntiSpyware found something which I deleted and wasn't the problem.
After restarting my computer again to put in my wireless card (which connects me to the internet), my computer has started to keep freezing every 5 to 40 minutes, even when I take the wireless card out again.

In Short:
Suddenly I cant connect to my LAN or go on the internet anymore. I says its connected but when I turn it off and on in Network Connections I doesn't connect anymore.
My computer now freezes between 5 and 40 minutes after being in windows, doesn't matter whether im just browsing, using office or playing a game.

I have put my old wireless card in which lets me connect to the internet but not to LAN and doesn't fix the freezing which is my main concern.

In case it helps:
The freezing of windows process is a bit odd as it first freezes one window, then i can still move my mouse and do stuff with other applications for about 5 seconds before they start freezing as well etc untill my whole computer and mouse freeze.

Anyone know what this can be?
If it is my onboard LAN being screwed, is there any way i can disable it so it doesn't cause problems?

Asus 8v Deluxe
AMD Opteron 175 2.2ghz
HD3850 512mb
3ghz ram
I know its ancient by now but I dont have much money to spend and need it for work.



Could have been a power surge or static -- I've caused a laptop to shut down just by walking around a carpet in trainers with synthetic soles and touching the case -- audible crackle and Dell stops dead. Fortunately it survived.

You might try a second anti-virus (I'm just trying Malwarebytes' free version) or reinstalling Windows. Alternatively, replacing the wireless adapter -- USB is relatively cheap.

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