Haunted CD drive


Mar 14, 2001
Yep, I don't know what it is but in Windows 2000, my HP CD-writer 9100 drive is haunted and I've tried everything. Whenever there is an audio CD in the drive for more than a few minutes, its starts playing completely out of the blue and in the middle of some track in the middle of the CD.

Now I've tried turning off every Audio program on the computer and even turned off autorun and the thing just keeps doing it. But ONLY under Windows 2000, it doesn't do it under ME or Linux.

Is my drive possessed? Or could it be a faulty driver or something? I know it isn't a 3rd party software problem.


Apr 10, 2001
What the freak!?!

I have the same one, and I'm running Win2K. It's running fine, too. Turn off the computer, then unplug and reconnect the cables running to the CD-Writer and the motherboard. Power on and check everything out.

I can't think of a reason why it's acting so funky, though. Any software that you installed that's not exactly quality? I'm stumped, too.

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