Question Have a pre-built and I need advice for upgrading to stream better!

Dec 28, 2018
So my specs for my pre-built pc are:
B150M Bazooka plus mobo
i5-6402p @2.8Ghz cpu
RX 480 gpu
8GB DDR3 ram
Forgot the PSU :(

I like to stream rocket league, however with the stream, discord and other factors, my CPU usage hits 100% every 20 seconds or so which drops my in-game FPS for a second each time. I've optimized everything as best I can to reduce CPU usage (GPU encoding, downscaling resolution, reducing in-game settings, preview off, obs and everything minimized on second monitor, phone for chat, etc. Everything I can possibly do, trust me I've tried it.) But, regardless of everything I've done, my cpu usage spikes often still. The ONLY solution that does anything is to drop my in-game FPS to below where it drops to when cpu usage spikes (180 fps from 240 what I normally use.) and while this is a solution of sorts, I want to upgrade whatever I need to to stream this game at 240 fps without drops, with discord open, maybe even chat open (i use my phone to reduce usage on pc) on my second monitor.

I don't know enough about PC's to know exactly what the problem is. Through my best guess, I think my CPU is not good enough and everything else is fine, so I would like any input (maybe my GPU is bottlenecking my CPU? I don't know) So I was wondering 1. If the problem is indeed my CPU, and 2. what to upgrade to?

If it's my cpu, I looked it up, my MOBO says it only supports up to 6th gen intel core CPU's. I THINK my problem is that Rocket league is a 4 core game, and my CPU is only a 4 core processor. So I want to get a 6 or preferrably 8 core cpu upgrade, however my motherboard does not appear to support any cpus that have more than 4 cores. Is this accurate? If I want to upgrade my CPU, I'll surely also have to upgrade my MoBo as well right? I have no idea what kind of case my PC is housed in, is there a way to find that out to make sure that I know what MoBo's would fit inside it?

I just want to know what's causing my issue, how to fix it, and any recommendations on upgrades or anything that could help? Or should I just buy a whole new pc lol, thanks in advance


Aug 30, 2019
If you update your UEFI/Bios, you can install up to an i7 7700 on your mobo. That's 4 cores, 8 threads at up to 4.2ghz, would be a big step up.


Mar 27, 2011
Do you only have one stick of 8gb ram or 2x4gb? often running in single channel will reduce speed considerably.

You could upgrade to an i7 6700/7700, but it would cost at least $220. So I wouldn't recommend that.

Your board is a micro atx, so I would suggest to get a new system in the form of a b365m motherboard (example) and at least a i5 9400f. You can use your old ddr4 ram and just transfer the components over.

For a better quality of life, I'd recommend getting an ssd as your boot drive as well.