Question Have Dell U2520D monitor and the usb ports don't work

Oct 13, 2020
I have the Dell U2520D connected to Dell XPS 9350. I have USB-C from the laptop to DisplayPort on the monitor to supply video. When I plug in a usb to the USB-A port on the side left side of the monitor it doesn't appear on the computer. I tried to search and found that monitors have upstream and downstream usb connections. All the usb connections on the monitor are downstream according to Dell's website and the box did not come with a USB-B type cable. Only usb-c to usb-a and usb-c to usb-c. I'm not sure what to do so that the port on the side will work. Also when I plug my mechanical keyboard usb-a into one of the usb-a female ports on the back it does not light up so I have to plug the keyboard into the laptop.

If someone could help me to figure out how to get the usb ports to work on the monitor that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.