Have I made a Mistake?



This is what I've got;

i5 3750k
8gb 1333MHz kingston RAM (due to a mix up with family getting another 8gb at christmas)
KFA2 GTX 660 2GB
MSI Z77A Z77
OCZ Fatal1ty 550w modular PSU
Seagate 1.5TB HDD (6GB/s 5900RPM)
Fractal R3 case
2 corsair AF120 low noise fans

I'm hoping for gaming and this was slightly over budget for me, was it a bad idea to get this config?
Looks pretty decent. Sure, the RAM isn't as fast as you'd normally want, but the difference isn't huge. The graphics card is plenty powerful, and with that CPU you can upgrade your graphics card later without being held back by the CPU.


I'm hoping to get a different gpu I was told it would be easier to get a better cpu now then upgrade the gpu later, rather than the other way around and then maybe a small overclock on the cpu
will upgrade the RAM too this was just untill I can get some proper decent stuff like vengance