Have image of linux on hard drive cant delete


Mar 2, 2012
so i installed linux on hard drive but system froze unusable although was novice but have since successfully installed mint 12 kde on different hard drive i try to format the drive have tried all manner of programs kill disk etc even nuke tool wouldnt allow me to see the image to delete it am trying hard to understand linux commands but cant delete as files are read only does anyone have any suggestions?cheers
fdisk (or "sudo fdisk", or "su -;fdisk") is your friend.
fdisk -l will tell you what disks and partitions are there. Find the disk which you want to "kill" (e.g. /dev/sdb)
fdisk /dev/sdb will enter fdisk for that disk, from here you can delete all partitions, and make new one. Use "?" for list of available commands.