Question Have to reset Video Bios to get sound every single time I turn on PC ?

Aug 21, 2021
Hello, so for a long while I have been using only an LGC1 for a Monitor. No problems with anything. I got tired of only have a single monitor so I bought a
32GP850-B LG Monitor and hooked it up. I have the Monitor plugged into GPU through Display Port. I have th OLED plugged in through HDMI. I have set up everything in NVCP and Windows multiple times as far as what display is Main, How Displays are configured top and bottom. Everything as far as video seems to work fine.

The problem is either from a Wake or from a Shut Down state to Power On I never have audio when I load into Windows. I have to open GPU Z and hit export bios for it to try and save the V Bios, Chime and then audio is working fine. (Basically a way to reset the v bios) Thank God I figured out this works because it was the ONLY way to re establish audio and I was about to have a meltdown. Luckily I knew that this trick will force G Sync to enable because my GPU has a problem with LGC1 OLEDS and Gsync not enabling after Sleep (It's a Common Problem, probably driver related)

Something else weird is I keep disabling the Monitor in the audio playback manager and it keeps re enabling it every time I boot the PC? It's like the GPU or Windows or Both are convinced the Monitor is the primary and will not accept any sas that tells it otherwise.

I am running OLED at 4k/120 and LG Monitor at 1440/165 if that matters.

Please help me, very frustrated.

System Specs:
Ryzen R7 3800xt
MSI Gaming X Trio 3080ti
B550 Unify
gskill flare x 16gb
evga supernova 1000w