Question Have to run BIOS recovery everytime in order to boot into Windows

May 26, 2019
Morning guys,

First of all, I am not a professional with these things. However, I would appreciate if there is any 'angel' who can help me with this strange issue with the mainboard / BIOS.

Disclaimer: this is the computer which I used for almost 4 years with no issues at all. No upgrade / new software was made to the computer from day one up to now.

Detailed information of my computer:
Name Intel Core i5 3330
Codename Ivy Bridge
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz
Mainboard Model Gigabyte B75M-D3V
Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti
Memory Type DDR3 - Corsair
Memory Size 8 GBytes
Channels Dual
Name TS128GSSD340
Capacity 119.2 GB
Type Fixed, SSD
Bus Type SATA (11)

Issue: after several changes that I made to the BIOS settings, the computer was crashed and was unable to boot to Windows OS.

The symptom is similar to "boot loop" which the computer starts running for 1-2 seconds and then self-restarted. During the boot loop, the screen got no signal, all black and such boot loop was kept continued. I had to unplug the computer to stop it.

Sounds like I made something wrong with BIOS settings. I did some research on the internet to find solution for this boot loop, and luckily I found a topic to talk about methods to force the computer to run the bios recovery. This process will force the computer to get recovery from back-up BIOS (as my mainboard has dual bios, one as main bios and the other is back-up bios).

After the recovery, I had to go to the BIOS settings and change the SATA mode from "IDE" to "AHCI" in order to fix the error "Inaccessible boot drive" which was informed by the Windows OS.

Subsequently, I can log in to the Windows OS and use the computer normally.

Here is the strange issue:

After using, if I shut down the computer, the boot loop will occur again. And I have to do all above steps in order to log in to Windows again. It seems that the BIOS was unable to save the recovery data nor changes that I made i.e. AHCI mode.

However, if I just restart / sleep the computer, it can boot to Windows OS and I can use it normally.

I also try the following suggestions which I found in this forum and other sources:
  • Change the new CMOS battery
  • Recheck the power/reset switch connected between the front button in the case with the mainboard
  • Remove GPU, SSD, RAM, keyboard, mouse out of the mainboard (just for testing the mainboard only, the boot loop still occurred)
  • Reseat the hardware mentioned in bullet 3 as well
  • Flash the BIOS to the latest version issued by Gigabyte after the recovery as mentioned above
None of these suggestions fix this issue. The worst case is that the BIOS chip is failure, but I just thought that what I did here was just changed some settings in the BIOS and I also forced it to run the recovery. So why did the issue still occur?

Tried to find some solutions during these days, but seems to be hopeless. So if you have any suggestions, please help me.

Thank you very much,