Having a good computer but games are lagging

Benito Glavocevic

Mar 26, 2014
Hey guys i have a problem..Recently i bought a new computer my specs are:
AMD FX 8320
8gb ram
GTX 950 strix 2gb

In every game i have the same problem..i play GTA 5 like 15 minutes with 60 FPS on medium..and then i have a FPS drop to 40-50..i can hear that my graphic card has speeded up like for 5-6 sec...when it speeds up than i have the FPS drop..and then my FPS goes up again..and the graphic card keeps speeding up like every 2-3 minutes and every time i have a FPS drop..my drivers are up to date i dont know whats the problem...:( Sorry for my bad english...

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