Question Having a Problem with Graphics Card?

Feb 17, 2020
Hello Mates,

Recently I bought, Second Hand Nvidia 730 GT 2gb DDR5, from a friend. It worked for a 1 month but now there is problem.
The Video Card having VGA Port Problem, So I decided to use it using HDMI to VGA converter.
Screen Scattering
Yellow lines like barcodes.
different colors
Screen Resolution decreased to 800600, where as I use 1366768

But Still the Fan on the GPU is running.!! Check the Pictures

What I tried:
Changing and Updating the Nvidia Drivers
Fresh Install of a Graphics Card using DDU.
but, no use.

After so much of Research, I found a video on Youtube.
Same problem,, and he done VGA reflow.

Could any one tell me what is VGA reflow and what is the solution to my problem.?


Reflow is the use of a heat source to warm/heat up a printed circuit board (PCB) to the point where the solder softens and melts enough to fill in any cracks in the soldered connections.

Concept being that any loose or disconnected circuits will regain connectivity.

Overall a good way to simply ruin a PCB. And the problem could be due to some other reason.

Reflow does nothing at all if there is a failed component on the circuit board: e.g. a blown capacitor.

Try the GPU in another known working computer.

Download the GPU drivers via the manufacturer's website. Not a third party source.

Used GPU's (or any used computer component) can be problematic. Especially if the host computer was heavily used for gaming or mining.

Could be that the GPU has reached EOL (End of Life).