Question Having fps drop and unresponsiveness

Jan 9, 2021
cpu : ryzen 5 1600 @3.95ghz 1.3125v+65mv offset
ram: corsair vengence 16gb ddr4 3000mhz (xmp profile)
gpu: gygabyte windforce gtx 1080 8gb (no overclock)
mobo: Asrock x370 gaming x
hdd: seagate barracuda 2tb and a WDB 2tb
ssd: 120gb Kingston suv400 (os installed on it)
psu: Corsair VS650 80+ bronze
cpu cooler: CoolerMaster ML240L Rgb
monitors: 1st aoc agen qx24 (1440p 144hz) 2nd (which I set it vertical) benq 25inch ips 1440p
os: windows 10 pro

Hi everyone,

I have built this pc for more than 3years now, (i have replaced the first motherboard I firstly had a Gygabyte board that got broked in 2018, it still was under warranty), I don´t run the graphics card overclocked, only the cpu. I have been having sudden fps drop and unresponsiveness for as long as almost two years, I tried everything i could remember and it drives me crazy sometimes. From nowhere the fps drops and the gpu usage drops sometimes to 70% other times to 30% or even lower while gaming. I´ve also noticed that when that happens theres also a noticeable variation on cpu usage. But this symptom also happens on windows without any intensive task runnig. On windows it usually happens the oposite, the cpu usage rises to 30~40% and the gpu usage also rises to 30~40%, and the system becomes unresponsive. First i thougth it was an unstable overclock on the cpu or maybe the memory was unstable because first gen ryzen sucked with memory compatability. I´ve done memtest 86 the ram passed, and stressing the cpu for 6hours using aida 64 and also tried with cinebench and it stayed stable never occuring a blue screen or anything like that. I tried setting everything to stock, even did a clear cmos and the problem stayed the same. The the pc never throttles the cpu never reaches even 50c when gaming, when stessed it reached 57c. The gpu boost it self to arround 1870mhz on itself. I´ve tried to overclock it but i never game or use it overclock I just set a profile which i ended up not using. The gpu runs at around 68c when gaming and on summer it getts maximum 75c but at that point i raise a bit the fan curve. I´ve updated the bios, to p5.50 and it stayed and the problems persisted. Than i turned to the psu because I noticed that sometimes when playing asseto corsa or some other games where the gpu reaches its maximum power usage ~200w (it shows power usage limit on msi afterburner) there was a blinking like close to the 8pin connector, I have looked it up and it seems to indicate unstable power suply. But I´ve taken the pc to a store and they told me the psu had no problems. Thougth I don´t know how did they test the psu.I´ve also read that hdd can cause problems and indeed i had one hdd (the wdb) that had some sections broken. So I tried disconnecting the hdd to mobo and to the psu but the problem didn´t change. I really can´t stand the constant fps drop. I´ve also put the power setting on windows to performance. I´ve totally rebuilt the system even reapplied the thermal paste. Nothing seems to work I´ve been thinking of taking the graphics card and open it and clean it up, put im not confortable with that I´m afraid od messing anything up. I really don´t know what else to do. I´m thinking of taking the pc to a hardware store where they can test every individual part, but i would prefer to solve the problem by myself. Can anyone recomend anything that I dind´t remenbered doing?
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